Astro park and observatory

Astro park and observatory

Astro park Makarska is a new and unique tourist content in the city of Makarska, solemnly opened 12.05.2017.

Its construction completed the Makarska observatory project, which was implemented in the existing memorial "Revolution", the memorial center of the WW II. (Matija Salaj dipl. Ing. Arh.), And the unregulated part of plateau got new parcel in the form of ecliptic Solar system (Goran Juričiić dipl. Ing. Arh.), enriched with 9 art exhibits of the planet in the creation of a young Makarska sculptor (Vice Glibota mag.), among which is the asteroid "Makarska", and as a triple art work is constantly open to visitors. Astro park Makarska is also the first scientific field of astronomy in which children and young people are educated in recreation in the Republic of Croatia, and in conjunction with the Monument and the Observatory, is a unique cultural, educational, recreational and tourist complex in the world.

Opening hours:

Summer: (01.06.-30.09.)
21:00 to 23:30 h

Rest of the year:
Thursdays 20:00 to 22:00 h

Closed Sundays and holidays


Glazbarska 1, 21300 Makarska