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All the beaches in the area of Makarska and of the whole Makarska Riviera are pebble beaches, with the exception of rocky and cement surfaces that are also used for swimming. There are no sand beaches. Small pebbles dominate the Podbiokovlje area (area beneath Biokovo Mountain) and approximately 10 kilometers of the coastline that belongs to Makarska - from the small village Krvavica up to the part of the beach in front of the Hotel Jadran in Tučepi.


The central town beach forms the longest and biggest whole; it stretches along the inhabited area of the western part of the town - from the town harbor to hotel resorts, the Hotel Rivijera and Romana Beach Resort, and it is approximately 2 kilometers long. The central town beach provides the services of a modern European destination, such as hospitality and accommodation facilities, various activities related to entertainment and sports, which are under the watchful eye of rescue services. The beach is full of pine trees that provide natural shade, which is the best way to hide from the summer heat, and is suitable for families with children. It is very crowded during the peak season, whereas in the pre- and post-season, you can easily find a place for your things. A part of this beach, which is made of rocks and cement, is situated on St. Peter’s Peninsula. Behind the lighthouse, on the outer side of the peninsula, there is a small FKK part of the beach (nudist part).

To the west of the town beach is an area of isolated beaches named Biloševac, and after that Cvitačka, located in the uninhabited part of town. Around a dozen beach bars have been opened in these two locations over the last few years, where you can obtain refreshments during hot summer months. A nudist beach is located in this area, and in the pine forest behind the picturesque Cape Cvitačka, there are several other small bays, which are also used by nudists. A small forest pathway runs through the area all the way to Krvavica.Further west from the abovementioned coastal areas, there is Ramova Bay and the only official dog beach. This area is also full of pine trees that provide natural shade. And finally, after Ramova Beach, comes the last part of the Makarska coastline, with dozens of little beaches placed between the rocks. They are mostly visited by nudists as it is one of the four areas in Makarska marked as FKK according to the Makarska Tourist Board categorization. That part of the coastline is known as Ćurilo and has poor vegetation. Therefore, it is recommended to bring parasols or tents for sun protection. It is followed by the beaches of Krvavica, although the first one in line belongs to Makarska according to the land registry.

In the very center, next to the old part of town and eastern part of the harbour, there is a pebble beach on Cape Osejava. Some like to swim near the breakwater, along its entire length, although it is not recommended to swim within the breakwater itself. East of this beach is a rocky area, which is also used for swimming and it leads to one of the most popular beaches of Makarska, Nugal Beach. It is isolated and hidden, mostly visited by nudists, and located 2 km from the town harbor. The beach is only accessible if you go on foot following a stony path, or by boat. Nugal is very picturesque and as such popular among tourists, especially today in the social media era that encourages more visits. It is surrounded by pine trees and is a real gem among the beaches of Makarska.

A few other little bays on the east are accessible on foot following the path through the forest of Cape Osejava or by highway. They are also mostly visited by nudists because of their distance from inhabited areas. Those beaches are named Solarić and Kraljev Gaj, and the very popular FKK cliffs near the Hotel Jadran. Pine trees provide great shade in all of this coastal area. The last beach that belongs to Makarska according to the land registry is a part of the beach next to the Hotel Jadran in Tučepi, right next to the stream that separates Makarska from Tučepi.

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