One of the most famous dishes of the Makarska gastronomic tradition. 

This cake, with recipe several hundred years old, was reserved for people of aristocrats' houses. 

No wonder, when the cake is rich with necessary ingredients. 

Delicate aroma of almonds certainly will not leave anyone indifferent. Today, everyone can enjoy it. 

Makarana is an essential detail at local weddings and celebrations. No ceremony is complete without it. 

Unlike other cakes, Makarana is cut into rhomboids and each piece represents a delicious energy bomb.

Every year there is a competition in making the cake.

The event always draws a big crowd, winners get both the prize and pride, and for the rest of us there is free cake. And a lot of it. :)

 The main ingredients in the filling are almonds, sugar and eggs, then add a variety of spices which are the secret of every housewife. :)


 here's the recipe:

for the dough:

• 150 g rough flour
• 150 g smooth flour
• 20 g icing sugar
• 1 teaspoon salt
• 150g butter (cubed)
• 1 egg
• 20 ml maraschino

for the filling:

• 650 g almonds
• 10 eggs
• 650 g sugar
• 30 g clarified butter
• 1 orange
• 1 lemon
• 6 ml vanilla flavour;
• 60 ml maraschino



When in a restaurant, etiquette mandates the use of cutlery, but when it comes to „buzara“ – just forget about the rules.
Word buzara is borrowed from italian, and it marks an iron bowl which the fishermen used to prepare the dish.
There are two versions of buzara: red and white one (with or without tomatoes). Ingredients ratio depends on each chef's preferences.
Probably the most popular version of the dish is buzara with scampi. Some people don't even wash the scampi before cooking them, so they would preserve even more of the taste of the sea.

Buzara is not a complicated dish to prepare:
You heat the olive oil in a big cooking pot, and add onions. Simmer them. Then add garlic, tomato puree, and wine. Right at the end, add parsley and fresh scampi. Very long simmer (often up to an hour) is a key to great buzara. The timing of adding seafood (scampi, seashells, etc.) is very important – you don't want to overcook them.

The side dish to buzara is most often polenta, but if you are not a fan, there are always legumes like green beans, fava beans, lentil, ... Sometimes even a big basket of bread will do the trick!
Whatever it ends up being, no doubt you will enjoy this traditional dalmatian dish.




Croatian cuisine certainly is an incredibly rich and versatile one. In every part of the country you’ll come across typical, local, traditional dishes. And Dalmatia is by no means an exception. 

Pašticada is a representative dish, made with beef. It can be prepared in different ways but the best ingredients for Dalmatian Pašticada is beef flank, red wine, dried figs and gnocchi. First, you stuff beef flank with bacon, garlic, carrot and garlic cloves. Then marinade it in homemade wine vinegar for at least 36 hours. Then, you roast beef on a well-heated greased pan. Next step is to cook root vegetables (carrots, celery, parsley) and the chopped onions, pay attention to the amount of onions, there can not be too much! At the end you put beef with vegetables, add red wine or sherry and cook for few hours until meat is done. Add some spices, such as thyme, nutmeg, bay leaf, marjoram, cinnamon, vanilla, etc. There is nothing left to say then Bon Appetit, or in Croatian 'U slast'! :)