There is a legend (attributed to Giacomo di Varazzeu) about a dragon that lived in the lake near the town of Silene. People daily fed it with sheep, lambs, calves or any other animal. However, the dragon became greedy, so it started to ask for sacrifice of young boys and girls. The least fortunate ones would become dragon's food. On one occasion it asked for a princess, and as she walked to her death, she met St. George (Sv. Jure). He promised to save her life if the king would, in return, abandon the pagan gods and turn to Christianity. The king agreed. When the dragon came out of the lake, St. George stabbed its neck. Then he bound silk rope around the dragon and led the dragon to the king's palace, where the king once again confirmed he accepted Christianity. 

Biokovo is the largest, longest, most beautiful and most cruel mountain in Dalmatia. It extends to 196 square kilometres. The highest peak, St George, with its 1762 meters of height, is the second highest mountain top in Croatia, and the highest one on the entire Adriatic coast. 
At the peak sits a church dedicated to St. George, after which the top was named. The oldest hiking trail to St George (on the south side of the mountain) leads from the village Makar (229 m), over mountain lodge Vošac (1422 m) and to the mountain hut by the peak St George (1762 m). 


We all know about Lovelock in Paris, New York, Moscow, Dublin... It is time to find out about Lovelock Makarska. Situated on a peninsula St. Peter the chains of love padlocks grow every year, from long-lasting couples from around the world to those lovers that begin their adventure right here in Makarska. 

Couples in love are supposed to inscribe their names on a padlock, then lock it onto the bars of a specific fence alone the promenade. The small piece of iron becomes a standing monument to love. Apparently, not even rust can destroy it.

There is a reason why the Lovelock is situated on the peninsula of St. Peter. According to the Bible, St. Peter holds the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Locating Lovelock behind the statue of St. Peter, loving couples receive a new and important protection, protection of their hearts. It doesn’t even matter whether the ending of such love is a happy or a sad one, because they will always have their love moment, sealed in the padlock, locked on the coast of Makarska Riviera.



If you’re single, young or even older woman visiting Makarska Riviera prepare for the invasion of “seagulls”. They are local, tanned, perpetually single, handsome guys whose age range extends from 20 up to 60 and will do anything to engage in an unforgettable, summer adventure with you. They will not resist to compliment a woman, even with her man right next to her. Male part of the statue represents just that.

Look closely, and you’ll notice that the female tourist has a striking lustre to her right boob. This perhaps reminds you of that big, golden toe on magnificent sculpture of Chancellor Grgur Ninski in Split. Yes, it’s believed, like in the toe story, that giving a friendly squeeze to right boob brings good luck upon the squeezer, as well as the fury of feminists all over the world. But not to be mad at it, it is just a funny, modern monument which brings that silly touch to your vacation photos from the most beautiful country in the world.