Makarska has been on friendly terms with tourism for well over a century. If an ambitious archaeologist were to scratch the surface of the past, he would find nothing better for describing ancient customs than the sounds often heard during summer. For many years, owners would promote the rental of their apartments with shouts such as Zimmer frei! Volne pokoje! or Affitiamo camere! They would wait for ferries on the docks, kidnap confused tourists at the railway station and bicker ferociously in front of tourist agencies. The modern times of online booking have brought some piece but fights between hosts on online booking platforms are no surprise. The tactics of tourist hunting, discretely disguised, have merely moved from the streets to cyber space.

The problems have remained the same. Just like the panic-stricken race for concessions to trade in popular goods. While connections are being used today for renting the popular beach deck chairs, 90 years ago there were hasty fights for extending the stands for selling fruit and other food. Marina S., a fruit and vegetable monger with the biggest offer, at the market located at the bottom of the Kačić Square, sent an appeal to the authorities through her lawyer. “Embittered by the slandering of her business, my client is protesting the ban on extending her summer offer. The same tourists have been her faithful buyers for years always admiring the fruit that she was offering. She believes that a great injustice was inflicted upon her when a false claim was made in Split newspapers by the author Vjerka Škurle in her report Marina’s fig is more expensive than gold.” The authorities believed in the journalist’s libels that the price of figs was no match to its quality and that my client was coating them with some substance in order to keep them fresh which is why they banned the extension of her business. On top of that, people in the street are shouting at her – Marina, lower the price of your fig, it is old, no one wants it!

However, there is a real problem behind it. A Czech family had suffered from food poisoning after having eaten Marina's figs because of the coating of a dangerous chemical substance. Judging by all of this, sanitary inspectors always have their hands full. We are already familiar with news reports that bring about national affairs.