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Discover the magnificent Dubrovnik. During the three-hour ride to Dubrovnik, you can enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of the Dalmatian coast and the delta of the Neretva River. In Dubrovnik you will get to know the beauty and history of this town. Your adventure will begin at the monumental Pile Gate situated at the very top of Stradun, the beautiful main street and promenade of the Old Town. You can visit the Sponza Palace, the cathedral, the Franciscan monastery… You can take your pick because Dubrovnik is full of hidden treasures. History inhabits every part of this town that acts both as a living museum and a live stage, offering an ideal mix of the historic and the contemporary. Every corner of this Pearl of the Adriatic has its own distinctive value.
It is surrounded by unique medieval city walls spanning 1940 meters that have been preserved in their original form and are open to visitors as the biggest attraction in Dubrovnik. It was one of the first sites in Croatia to be protected by UNESCO (since 1979). Thanks to its rich history, geographical position, mild climate, traditional hospitality, as well as knowledge and experience in the field of tourism, Dubrovnik has been recognised on tourist markets as a high-quality tourist destination.

Dubrovnik is the congressional centre of Croatia since it hosts the largest number of symposia, conferences and special “incentive” programmes, and yields the best performance in this tourist sector. Dubrovnik is presented to the world as a cultural destination that boasts not only historic heritage but also a range of excellent festivals, prestigious art events, open air concert and entertainment mega projects, exceptional artists, first class water polo players and swimmers. There you can enjoy the 68th Dubrovnik Summer Festival, the wonderful and irresistible Dubrovnik Early Music Festival, traditional festivals such as the celebration on the feast of the town patron St. Blaise, masquerades taking the town back in time to the 16th century, or opera gala evenings. The cultural offer of the town keeps on expanding because visitors seek a first-class experience. A large number of tourists are motivated to visit Dubrovnik precisely because it offers a wide selection of cultural events and memorable experiences on evenings when the full moon casts its reflection across the calm sea and the heavenly music of virtuosos carries through the town from the palace atriums.


Dubrovnik is a destination where you can fully enjoy your vacation. It has excellent flight connections to all the larger cities in Europe. Dubrovnik is an enchanting town that you will fall in love with and return to again and again to seek out its numerous stories and discover new unique experiences. The view of luxury cruise ships in the Old Town harbour attests to the significance of Dubrovnik as the strongest cruise destination in Croatia and the fifth Mediterranean port catering to cruise ships. which now list Dubrovnik as an essential stop on their itineraries. In recent years, Dubrovnik has emerged as a City Break destination, spurred on by the growing number of flight connections throughout the year, which will only increase in the future periods as indicated by the interest seen in important outbound markets. This means that Dubrovnik is getting ever closer to achieving its goal of conducting tourist operations year-round, which distinguishes it from all other Croatian towns.