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Imotska krajina is the historical name of the area in the hinterland of the Biokovo massif. The fertile Imotsko polje (Imotski field) plays a key role in the life of this area. Imotski is most famous for its lakes. Imotski lakes are two karst lakes located in the immediate vicinity of the town centre. The Blue Lake is a huge sinkhole around 150m deep at its southern and approximately 290m deep at its northern part. The level of water in the lake varies throughout the year – sometimes it reaches more than 100m, but it is not rare for the lake to dry up completely in the autumn. Paths descending to the water (1100m) were built at the end of the 19th century. The Red Lake, named after the intimidating red cliffs that surround it, is located about 1.5km west of the town centre. At times, its water is more than 300m deep, while the total depth of the lake sinkhole from the bottom (under the sea level) to its highest, northern rim is about 550m.