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Kotišina Botanical Garden

The Kotiština Botanical Garden is located on the coastal slopes of Biokovo Mountain above the village of Kotiština at an altitude of 350-500 meters. It is an integral part of Biokovo Nature Park. The Garden was founded by Jure Radić, Phd, (1920 -1990), a Franciscan and a scientist, with the purpose of scientific research and observation, protection, conservation and popularization of the flora of Biokovo. It is not a botanical garden in a classical sense, where every plant is introduced according to specific rules, but is conceived as a "fenced part of nature" where natural forms of vegetation with self-fertilized flora are to be retained. On a relatively small surface of 16.5 ha, diverse habitats are found, such as rock gardens, screes, precipitous rocks, arable land and Proslap Canyon with a waterfall of the same name, which is dry for most of the year and comes to life only during heavy rains.

In the Garden, there are about 300 wild plants, from typical Mediterranean to mountainous, and in some areas exotic, agricultural and medicinal plants were planted. Among perennials found in the Garden in the spring, the Adriatic Iris (Iris pseudopallida) is especially impressive, with its large purple flowers. It is the Dalmatian endemic species from the Iridaceae family that grows on rocky habitats, screes and along the paths. The Garden is most luxuriant and full of colorful flowers in springtime and in early summer, but some hidden flowers can also be found during the rest of the year. The plants are labeled, while footpaths and educational panels are leading the way through the Garden.

At the main entrance is a message carved into a rock in the memory of Fra Jure Radić. In the village of Kotišina, near the entrance to the Garden, by the cliff, the walls of the Grand Castle stand - a 17th century fortification building which impresses with its appearance.
As part of the Memorial House Marin Kovačević in Kotiština, there is the info and presentation center of the Nature Park, open to the public during the summer. As for the rest of the year, tourists need to schedule their visit first.


Working hours: 09:00 - 13:00