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Brela tour


The trail starts at the Maestral Hotel in Brela and it continues along a narrow footpath all the way to Punta rata. Along the seafront, the trail follows a paved path all the way to Jakiruša. There it reaches the state road and continues along a gravel road towards Novaci where it starts to go uphill towards the old hamlet of Kričak. The trail continues along the gravel road next to the Church of St. George and its cemetery, and it runs through the hamlet of Bartulovići towards Topići, continuing further on to Bast. From the village of Bast, the route continues along a fire trail where caution is needed when going downhill, first to Baškovići, then to Veliko Brdo and eastwards above the village on a new gravel path towards Makar. Along the edge of the mountain, the trail goes through Mlinice to Kotišina and then along a paved road to Makarska. From the waterfront promenade in Makarska continue westwards along the footpath from the Plaža restaurant to the Makarska Tennis Centre and then onto a gravel path next to the beach until you reach the point below Kuk where a single track starts in a thick forest leading you to Krvavica. Here the trail ascends to the paved path towards Bratuš and Promajna, and further on through Baško Polje to Baška Voda on a paved path, finally reaching Brela by road. Afterwards, next to the Soline Hotel, it descends to the harbour where it merges with the promenade leading you to the Maestral Hotel.