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Igrane - Živogošće tour

The route begins from the post office in Igrane and takes the paved road towards Živogošće to the Franciscan monastery. From the monastery, and the Sensimar Adriatic Beach Resort, the trail continues along the main road towards Dubrovnik, 1 km to Mala Duba, and in that village runs along the shore eastwards to Velika Duba (auto camp). In the foothills near Matijaševica, a single track along the sea-line runs to Blato Bay and further through the Dole and Boban auto camps to the main road. Passing over the creek, the trail returns to the main road, and on the northern side, there is a gravel turnoff that heads towards the hamlet Strnj (westwards), and further down the old road to the cemetery in Živogošće. Above the cemetery, the trail turns towards the northwest and passes above the Church of St. Michael (Mihovil), and further towards the old village of Drašnice, where it descends back to the main road near the bus station in Drašnice. After crossing the Adriatic Highway, and continuing through the village of Brskovac, the trail descends down to the local cemetery, before turning towards the southeast and taking the local roads through Drašnice towards Igrane. The gravel trail through the olive groves brings you back to Igrane, and the route ends at the post office.