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Tučepi - Podgora tour

The route starts in the small harbour and follows the waterfront promenade all the way to the end of the village. After leaving the Dračevac beach, it goes uphill towards the highway for Dubrovnik, where it continues on for 350 m towards the Garma district. Here it enters the waterfront pedestrian zone of Plišivac and moves on to the village of Podgora. The route follows the promenade through Podgora leading to the Čaklje Bay and then in turns left across the Adriatic Highway towards the villages of Vruja – Miličići, Jakići, Kržanići. The route continues as a steep horse path, with steps between houses, and then as a paved road that leads through the old Podgora, an area with many picturesque small villages popping up along parallel paved pathways. The route then follows a paved road that winds through one of the most beautiful parts of the Biokovo slopes and leads to the Vrgorac-Makarska road (D 512). It goes on along a gravel road through the village of Gornji Tučepi towards Makarska where it continues on through the centre of the town and along the coast to the Osejava district. There it reaches a gravel forest road which will take you all the way to the Jadran Hotel in Tučepi, where it turns into a promenade leading to the small harbour.