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If you're looking for adventure and you love sports and nature, Makarska, which is surrounded by nature, is the right choice for you. With its location between the two peninsulas, St. Peter and Osejava, and the protection provided by Biokovo Mountain, Makarska offers beautiful nature walks or hikes to the second highest peak of Croatia. If those sports are not for you, perhaps you should try climbing thousands of years old rocks, or seize the opportunity to descend into caves.You can find all that right here in Makarska.




Cycling will enchant you and make you fall in love with Makarska. Cycling in the area of Makarska and the Makarska Riviera is possible throughout the year due to favorable weather conditions, and is particularly pleasant in the spring and fall.At the Tourist Board office at the address Obala Kralja Tomislava 16, you can get maps with cycling trails on the Makarska Riviera. You can view and download the bike trails from the following link: www.dalmatia-bike.com


If you like sporting activities and adventure, try one of the attractive trails:
The biking trail Makarska tour includes the area around Makarska. The trail begins on the waterfront next to the Hotel Miramare, then it goes west, next to the restaurant Plaža up to the Hotel Dalmatia and then along the coast to the Tennis Center Makarska, where the macadam part of the promenade starts, right along the beach until the Cvitačka area. There is a turn towards Biokovo Mountain, i.e. the main road. By crossing to the right side we are already in the area of Vepric, where right at the entrance, before the stream, the trail separates to the right and follows the stream from the east side of the hill.


A single track with two serpentines leads us to the macadam part of the trail leading to the cemetery in Veliko Brdo. Then, by crossing the asphalt road Makarska - Veliko Brdo we get to the macadam trail above Puharići. Above Batinići, that trail merges with the asphalt road leading to Makar, where we turn left by the cemetery to get to the village and then further the village path right along the borders of the mountain towards the east to the hamlet of Mlinice. Along the water source in Mlinice, a macadam trail follows a slight climb to the village of Kotiština. From the monument in the village, a path follows the asphalt road to the botanical garden and then descends to the church, after which it connects with the road Makarska-Vrgorac. After descending to the Adriatic Highway on the asphalt road right next to the testing center, the trail leads through Osejava back to the Makarska waterfront.


Biokovo tour

The Biokovo Tour is a climb to the highest peak of Biokovo Moutain, Sveti Jure (St. George) at an altitude of 1762 m, and falls into the category of demanding trails. The average time to get to Sveti Jure is three hours, but it all depends on the physical fitness and age of the cyclist. They are advised to have secure and tested bicycles with full equipment, some additional clothing and, of course, a helmet. The trail, which is 30 km long (in one direction), runs along the entire area of the Biokovo Road, which is 23 km long and is the highest asphalt road in Croatia. The trail then follows the road Makarska - Vrgorac (D 512) from Makarska to Tučepi, and to Nature Park Biokovo.


The asphalt trail narrows in the Park, and after 5 km it rises for almost 600 meters, which is quite a steep climb. There is around 4 km from the Staza Pass to Ravna Vlaška, and the climb lasts for only 250 m, which is a real adaptation to mountainous conditions. The next part of the trail, from Lađana (1300 m) to Vošac (1422), is a pleasant ride. After about 4 km, brace yourselves for the attack on Sveti Jure, the second-highest peak of Croatia. After some rest at the mountain lodge beneath Sveti Jure, serpentine roads will lead the way to the top of Biokovo.


You can experience the divine combination of the sea and the mountain by visiting intact parts of Biokovo, Osejava and the Peninsula of St. Peter, by hiking, brisk walking or climbing. Guests can check out more than 40 marked paths and trails using the map of the mountain: *the educational ecological trail "Dr. Fra Jure Radić" *Biokovo hiking trail -access from the coastal side - northwest,* central and southeast part of Biokovo *access from the hinterland side

Based on their capabilities and wishes, visitors can choose easy, moderate or hard mountain trails, or combine walking tours with transport. The climbing spot for sport climbing is located near the town center, on Cape Osejava, beside the sea. Around 30 pits have been discovered and researched so far on Biokovo Mountain, which stretches above the Makarska Riviera, e.g. Amfora (Biokovo, 788 m). The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS) is always ready to help in case of accidents on the Mountain.We hope that you will make some wonderful memories by visiting one of the most beautiful mountains of Croatia!






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"Ekstrem" - Alpine Speleology Club

"Ekstrem" - Alpine Speleology Club

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Mountaineering Association BIOKOVO

Mountaineering Association BIOKOVO

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Budanko Travel

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Rescue service

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Every Monday from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. you can get information on the lease and use of mountain huts on Biokovo, as well as other information (mountain hut at the foot of the peak Sveti Jure and mountain hut "Slobodan Ravlić" on Lokva) by calling +385 21 616 455 or +385 98 917 4234 (President of the mountaineering association Antiša Srzić), +385 98 265 679 and +385 91 7210011 (Tonći), +385 98 1658483 (Stipe).