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Wooded parks on the peninsulas of St. Peter and Osejava, which offer beautiful views of the town, the open sea, islands and Biokovo Mountain, are particularly attractive and pleasant for visitors, amateur athletes and nature lovers. Makarska, located in a naturally protected harbor, surrounded by the Peninsula of St. Peter and Cape Osejava, is the only harbor of its kind between the rivers Cetina and Neretva and has been inhabited since the time of Illyrians.Veliko Brdo, Puharići, Makar and Kotiština are the villages above Makarska and most of their residents have moved to the town.

Only a few have remained in the villages, and many of them have renovated their ancient homes or built new ones. These lively villages with their native architecture, magnificent views of Makarska, its coast and surrounding islands are favorite spots for field trips.If you are coming to Makarska from Split by the Adriatic Highway, the Belvedere Kuk, which is within 20 km of the town, offers a view of the wooded area Vepric, Cvitačka beach (Biloševac), other long pebble and sand beaches, St. Peter’s Peninsula and Cape Osejava that protect the town harbor.