Taste of Makarska

Commerce was an important part of the Makarska economy throughout its history. That long tradition, especially in terms of salt and grain, continued after the Turks left. In addition to the feast day of Sts. Peter & Paul, the feast of St. Lawrence became the main fair event. And there’s a reason for it. The death of the famous bishop of Makarska, Nikola Bijanković, caused the gathering of worshippers on August 10th. Practical as they were, the local inhabitants merged the sacred and the profane, as they saw an opportunity for trade during large gatherings. When they were done with a sacred part, they would start trading. In the square, in front of the cathedral and the waterfront, they used to sell a wide range of products: food, handicrafts, tools and trademarks of fairs and festivities in Makarska - clay flutes and pastries.


Inspired by earlier fairs, the idea of local products fair has been successfully revived, especially on St. Peter’s Day. Locally grown products, olive oil, honey, cheese, dried figs, salted sardines, rakija (brandy) with the aroma of the Biokovo flora. Local food and delicacies offer visitors a part of indigenous atmosphere from the treasury of the local gastronomic heritage. Not long ago the fairs were forgotten, but now the tradition is revived and it is one of the best segments of the tourist offer of Makarska. A successfully presented story of the Makarska folk heritage is the reason for the popularity of such manifestations and a great number of visitors.