Traditional Cuisine

Although the town of Makarska often experienced periods of famine and poverty throughout its history, the love that Makarska has for delicious and tasty food has never disappeared. The local cuisine was based on modest and simple food prepared with ingredients cultivated in the coastal climate: vegetables and fish, and sometimes meat. As time passed, food preparation started to include more ingredients, especially under the influence of Venice. Local gourmets started adding locally grown ingredients to basic recipes and new meals were created, such as the Makarska pašticada (beef dish), which is different from the ones served in neighboring towns.

The famous "Makarski marendin", which denotes a light meal before lunch, is a revived tradition celebrated with a culinary event. It is a great way of promoting the gastro offer among tourists, as not only does it offer a good and tasty dish, but also revives the atmosphere of Makarska. On the top of the dessert menu of Makarska is without doubt Makarana cake. This delicacy with a unique touch has been recognized as immaterial cultural asset and has become a part of the protected cultural heritage. In addition to locally grown almonds and eggs, the recipe includes the aroma of maraschino liqueur, nutmeg and a few other spices. It is served according to strict traditional rules and offers the taste and history of Makarska to those who try it. Makarana cake is the most successful product of Makarska and a brand, which is being recognized more and more each day.