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Vrgorac is a lovely small town located at the slopes of the Matokit mountain that hides rich cultural and gastronomic heritage. It is inextricably connected to Biokovo and its mountains, but also to the remarkably beautiful fields of Bunina, Rastok and Jezero. Vrgorac has been awarded a Declaration entitling it the Town of Dalmatian Prosciutto and Wine! It is the biggest producer of Dalmatian prosciutto in Croatia. Apart from the extremely suitable climate filled with the fragrances of the Mediterranean and aromatic herbs, and the Biokovo hinterland bora wind that give this delicacy a unique taste, the centuries-old tradition of salting, smoking and curing prosciutto and other cured meat products bears witness to the rich history of prosciutto production in the area of Vrgorac practised by both small family driers and big manufactures, as well as in private homes where traditional family recipes are still used. Did you know that half of the total strawberry production in Croatia is grown in Vrgorac? This is a magical area in which southern and continental climate, ideal ground and the clearest water intertwine.