Jet ski and parasailing

Jet skis are available for rent over summer at certain locations on the beach.  All jet-skiers must comply with the legal rules and may not cross over the safety line for the protection of swimmers.
One form of recreation and fun that is increasingly being offered along our coast is parasailing.
Centres can be found along the Makarska riviera offering tube, banana boat or bumper rides. The rides are safe both for children and adults.





Sport Sea Centar Antares
Phone: +385 91885 1817




Makarska has its own sailing club that cherishes the tradition of sailing and offers some additional services, such as lifting and cleaning of boats. Makarska is the traditional destination of many regattas, such as the Croatian Sailors Regatta. It also has good conditions for windsurfing and kite surfing.


Sailing club Bura

Address: Obala k. Tomislava 21, 21300 MAKARSKA
Phone: +385 21 616 994

Windsurfing club Jedro
Phone: +385 98 77 44 36


The flight park “Biokovo” is located within Nature Park Biokovo and is officially registered. There are two take-off areas, Miletin bor and Pržinovac, and the landing area Cape Ramova. Only experienced pilots are allowed to take-off from Pržinovac and Miletin bor.In order to fly in Biokovo Flight Park zone, you need to announce your visit in advance and get the permission from the flight park operator!




Info: Biokovo Nature Park Public Institution
Trg Tina Ujevića 1/1, 21300 Makarska
E-mail: info@pp-biokovo.hr
Phone: +385 21 616 924, +385 21 625 136
Web: www.pp-biokovo.hr



Rafting on the Cetina River is a special attraction for all adventurers. A strong will and good skills are needed to ride down the foamy river. A rafting guide, i.e. skipper, will tell you how, when and how hard you must row, or when you should get into the boat and hold tightly. Guests who go through this adventure remember it for a long time and are very proud of their achievement. All the agencies offer rafting on the Cetina River.


SLAP Slime - rafting on the river Cetina

Phone: +385 91 603 4160
           E-mail: slap@st.t-com.hr
Web: www.hrslap.hr

Phone: +385 98 184 1049


It is believed that we know more about space than the deep ocean. Diving in the waters of the central part of Dalmatia, the Makarska Riviera, enables you to discover a small but extremely attractive part of “the world of silence”. With the development of technology and the popularization of this sport, many people have been enabled to enjoy this wonderful experience of breath-hold diving or diving with a tank. The Dalmatian underwater holds many secrets: from old shipwrecks to a beautiful underwater landscape, and those who are a bit luckier may encounter dolphins.


: Kralja P. Krešimira 43
Phone: +385 (0)21 611 727
                +385 (0)98 1739 926
Email: info@more-sub-makarska.hr
Web: www.more-sub-makarska.hr



To fish means to gaze at the sea, to let yourself be captivated by the wide horizons, the azure sky or the shade of a cloud, soaking up the morning sun and wiping away salt from your face. To deeply inhale the freshness of the sea while not stressing about excessive and overpriced equipment. People on the Adriatic coast and islands traditionally catch fish by hand. No matter if they are fishing from the shore or a boat, they rarely use fishing rods. The best time for fishing is early in the morning or at sunrise, when you can enjoy the peace and quiet. Surf fishing at night is an opportunity to experience up close the glow and glitter of tiny sea creatures and plants that come to the sea surface at night like tiny fireflies. This bioluminescence can sometimes be as bright as faint moonlight. A multitude of small crabs and the heaving sea will keep you company on the cliff. This kind of experience could never be found near a larger town or stronger artificial source of light.


Another peculiarity of surf fishing is that, unlike fishing from a boat, it requires no special know-how or skills, which is very important for people who do not own their own boat or hold a skipper licence. However, all fishermen have to abide by the rules and regulations prescribed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management. The law distinguishes between recreational and sport fishing, and special regulations for professional fishermen are in effect. A fishing permit may be valid for one, three, seven or 30 days. These permits are available both for foreign and Croatian citizens. Certain species require a special permit and an authorised person must submit a catch report, containing accurate information, within seven days.


Sport fishing permits can be bought at
PŠRD Arbun
Address:Šetalište svetog Petra 2
Phone: +385 (0)21 613 550

Water Polo

You can play water polo in the City Sports Center Makarska. Makarska also has a water polo club "Galeb", which has achieved some good results in the Croatian league. For renting a pool, please contact the City Sports Center.